Friday, June 28, 2019

Death of 4 workers in another landslide in Penang

Press Release - Death of 4 workers in another landslide in Penang

Another landslide and death of innocent workers in Penang! MTUC Penang Division wonders when the authorities will wake up to the reality that,  unsupervised development of the sensitive hill sides of Penang would continue to pose a threat to occurrences of landslides resulting in the unnessary death of workers.

 From the the Granito landslide in October, 2017 to the present case what is obvious is, that, there is complete lack of compliance to acceptable safety standards by uncaring developers of their  properties. The fact that, no permission was obtained to carry-out earth works by the resort involved in the present case,
 as reported, seems to affirm the reality that uncaring developers give no respect to the regulatory provisions of law- local government or otherwise.

MTUC Penang Division's primary concern is the death of workers, Malaysians or migrant as we are blind to nationality - a death of a worker is a loss of an innocent worker!

Under such circumstances MTUC Penang Division demands that the authorities impose the full application of the law against those responsible for the unwarranted death of the 4 Myanmar guest workers.

MTUC Penang Division Secretary
016 4184520

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