Monday, January 3, 2022

The Reported Strike By Gig Workers Involving Lazada

 The Reported Strike By Gig Workers Involving Lazada - Press Release By MTUC Penang Division 

It is reported, that, hundreds of gig workers working for Lazada have decided to withhold their services pursuant to the said company's unilateral decision to revise their terms of contract. It is alleged that, such a unilateral revision, would result in a substantial reduction in the earnings of the workers concerned.

Whlist MTUC Penang Division applauds the action of the workers involved, we are of the view that the plight of the gig workers will continue to prevail as long as the government fails to address the employment inequalities in the said sector.

As a point of reference, we believe that, all gig workers ought to be protected by existing labour legislations be it the Employment Act,  1955, the Industrial Relation Act, 1967, the Minimum Wage Act etc. In the absence of, such legislative protection, the gig community is left at the mercy of the employers who, creatively, exploit their vulnerability in their pursuit to maximise profits! 

Under such circumstances MTUC Penang Division demands that the government embarks on a reallingment of the existing labour laws so as to ensure that the gig workers are adequately protected.

K. Veeriah 

Secretary MTUC Penang  Division 



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