Saturday, March 12, 2022

Minimum Wage Of RM1500.00 - Just Implement It Instead Of Persuading Incorrigible Employers To Act On Their Own!


The Malaysian Trade Union Congress, Penang Division is of the view that the saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" would be an apt dichotomy in the context of the Prime Minister persuading employers to implement  a minimum wage of RM1500.00. However much the Prime Minister or the Human Resources Minister coaxes the employers, nothing works unlike mandating a RM1500.00 minimum wage by way of gazzeting a Minimum Wage Order pursuant to the provisions of the National Wages Consultative Council Act, 2011.

While both the Prime Minister, and Human Resources Minister, have taken cognisance of the need to implement a RM1500.00 minimum wage having regards to the ever increasing cost of living factors, they do not seem to have the political will to enforce the said minimum wage.

The Prime Minister's announcement that, government linked companies will pay the minimum wage of RM1500.00, is encouraging but flawed for the simple reason that he lacked the courage to announce that it will be extended to all other sectors as well. The Prime Minister has a fiduciary duty to be fair to all segment of society. By announcing the RM1500.00 minimum wage to only government linked companies he has, in our view, failed to act with equity and good conscience in the matter. The Prime Minister cannot be selective in a grave matter of concern such as the much awaited minimum wage of RM1500.00. 

Under the circumstances we call upon the Prime Minister to immediately implement a Minimum Wage of RM1500.00 to workers in all economic sectors of the country as the prevailing financial constrains faced by the working population is constantly deteriorating.

K. Veeriah


Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) 

Penang Division 



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